Pars Abad Mughan (Mughan Shahr) is the second largest city in Ardebil province in the northwest of Iran. The city of Parsabad is a region that is in a flat, warm and moderate climate. It’s distance to Ardabil is 220 km. Parsabad Mughan talented plain soils and favorable climatic conditions for agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture development. Mughan company, the largest agro-industry and animal husbandry is the largest company of its kind in the country and in the Middle East with the volume of agricultural, livestock and industrial operations in the same city. There is also a boom in sugar production, compote making , cotton cleaners and dairy factories.
The vegetation of the region is considered as a good grassland and the Shahsevan tribes, the remains of the 32 main clans, continue to survive in the Mughan Plain, maintaining their race and traditions.
Weaving carpets are the most important handicrafts of the region. The nomads and villagers of the Mughan region in Ardebil province produce Varni which the beautiful roles on their bodies are more inspired by the nature of the region and their lifestyle.
Parsabad Airport Mughan has been built for the benefit of the region and the arrival of various experts and tourists who have weekly flights to Tehran and vice versa. The airport was established as the oldest airport in Ardabil province in 1352, and in 2002, it was granted to Mughan Agro-Industry and Animal Husbandry and delivered to the parent company of the country’s airports.