Area and geographical location
The city of Nir has an area of 1495.4 km², comprising 33.3% of the province. This city is neighbor on the west side with the Sarab, on the south side with the Miyane, on the east side with the city of Ardabil and on the north side with the summits of Mount Savalan (Sabalan).

Culture, language and religion
The language of the people of the city of Nir is Azerbaijani, and in terms of the culture there is tribal structure and traditional culture, and some tribal prejudices are observed. The people of the region are religiously believing in Shiia religion.

Appellation and historical monuments
There are different opinions about its appellation, some experts believe that it is derived from the fire temple named Nir It means light, and a number of others say it means Straw, meaning coated with twigs Well, what is more than any other topic that has been considered is that the word Nir has been taken from one of the Sassanid king’s name “Nersi”.

Economic situation
Due to the mountainous and cold weather in winter and The temperate climate in the summer, and also The social, historical, and cultural conditions, Nir Has its own talents and economic constraints.
tourism services

There are Spas such as Qeynarja, Borjlu, Saqezchi, Qareshiran that The temperature of some of them is up to 56 degrees Celsius and have been shown to be beneficial in curing the skin diseases, nerve diseases