Namin County is a county in Ardabil Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Namin. The county has three districts: the Central District, Anbaran District, and Vilkij District. The county has three cities: Namin, Abi Beyglu, and Anbaran.

According to some sources, the name of this city is mentioned because it is humid (moisture); the city has people with a rich culture and hospitality, and the important river can be named “Namin Chay”.

Based on historical evidence, several thousand years ago, people in the current region resided in the center of Namin and had a brilliant civilization.
Demorgan according to the results of his studies on the area of Chay Qoshan between Namin and the village of Minabad, reported the history of civilization in this region 9,000 BC, and objects from this area related to the 16th century ) has found.

Cultural situation and customs
The most important feature of the culture of the people of the city is the interest and special attention to the acquisition of knowledge.

Namin crafts
The most important regional crafts are Carpet, Rug, Kilim, Jajim.
The main exports of this city are wheat, barley, Apricot, livestock products, honey, as well as handicrafts like carpets and rugs.