The town of Meshkin Shahr (Khiyav or Xiyav) is located in the north-west of Iran and the nearest city to the Savalan (Sabalan) high mountain. Savalan’s summit can be seen from the south of the city with an eye catching scenery. The weather of this town and the district of Mishkeen Shahr is moderate mountainous. It was called “kheyav” in the past.
The city is well known for its Azerbaijani rugs and its mineral springs. Also, Iran’s first geothermal power station, Meshkinshahr Geothermal Power Plant is situated in the outskirts of this city.

The longest suspended footbridge of the world is located above the Khiav river. The most important places for touring in the district of Meshkin Shahr are the following: – Meshgin Shahr Suspended Footbridge – Shahar Yeri historical area – Hot water springs of Moil, Eelando and Qaynarja located in the suburb of the city – Qara Soo River Sides – Water spring of Qotur Suyu located 42 kilometers to Meshkin shahr – Old Castle of Meshkin Shahr – Qahqaheh castle located 80 kilometers to Meshkin Shahr – Deev castle located in kavij – Petrograph of Shapour Sasani in Meshkin Shahr – Tomb of Sheykh Haydar in Meshkin Shahr – Imamzadeh Seyyed Soleyman.
Tourism Attraction: The longest Suspended footbridge of the world built in 2015 by Iranian-Canadian engineers, (Emkan Shahr Pasargad Company) 365 meter long 80 meters above the Khiyav River. One of the highest and longest suspension type bridges in the world.

Historical Monuments:

Old castle of Meshkin Shahr. – Ancient site of Shahar Yeri located near the village of Pirazmian, 32 Kilometers from Meshkinshahr. – Qahqaheh castle located 80 kilometers to Meshkin Shahr. – Deev castle located in kavij. – Petrograph of Shapour sasani in Meshkin Shahr. – Old cemetery in Oonar. – Tomb of Sheykh Haydar in Meshkin Shahr. – Imamzadeh Seyyed Soleyman. – Arshaq castle located 60 kilometers to Meshkin Shahr. – Qishlaq Zaakhor castle located 50 kilometers to Meshkin Shahr.

Hot Mineral Waters (springs): Moil, Qaynarja, Ilando, Shabil, Qotur suyu
Promenades: Forest Park, “Shirvan Deresi”, “Qara su”, museum, “Hooshang Meydani”, the foot of “Savalan” mountain.
Handicrafts: Carpet, short-napped coarse carpet, varnish (varni), coarse loosely woven (woolen cloth), sackcloth
Souvenirs: “Savalan” honey, dried fruits, domestic production, apples, grapes